When I was seven years old, I spent the better part of an afternoon stuck on top of a three-foot high stone wall. The wall separated my back yard from the wild underbrush of the New Mexico desert. My original intention had been to follow my friend Michelle over the fence so that we could go exploring and have an adventure together. But upon being faced with a sheer drop into the unknown…I froze.

I’ve been battling fear my whole life, you see. And the more I have run across fear, the more I have come to believe that fear is the enemy. Fear is what keeps us sick, stuck, miserable, and small.

Talking about fear isn’t easy, much less conquering it. But I believe that every step we take in that direction can only lead to more of the things we want in our lives – love, confidence, and peace. That’s certainly been the case for me.

Join me, and let’s talk about what scares us – and what we can do to kick fear’s ass and send it packing!


Who am I? 

My name is Melissa. I’m a project manager / writer from Denver. I love to learn new things, and won’t stop until I’ve plumbed the depths of my current interest. These days? That’s understanding fear and what it does to us (hint: it makes us crazy). In addition, I love rock climbing, reading, and spending time with my fiancee and two amazing step-kids.


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